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Ancestors of Leo Hampton NORRIS


386. William BYRD
extensive series of notes on the Germanna Colonies
William Byrd I inherited estates in Virginia from his uncle, Thomas Stegg, who had already made a good name for himself in Virginia. His (Stegg's) friends reached to the highest level in the government. Byrd made a good marriage to Mary Horsmanden (Horsemanden, Horsemonden) in 1673. Their son, William (II), was born a year later. Of the four siblings of William the younger, one, Ursula, married Robert Beverley, the historian. William Byrd, the younger, was the only male to survive childhood. Mrs. Byrd died in 1699 and five years later her husband died.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
Byrd, William, 1652-1704, English planter in colonial Virginia
1652-1704, English planter in early Virginia. He came to America as a youth and took up lands he had
inherited on both sides of the James River, including the site that would later be Richmond. In 1691 he moved to “Westover,” long famous as the Byrd family home. His landed fortune was increased by his interest in trade, and he served (1703) as president of the Virginia council. Byrd’s wealth, culture, and character made him the ideal tidewater aristocrat. He was the father of William Byrd (1674-1744).