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Ancestors of Leo Hampton NORRIS

Table of Contents

The ancestors report presents the traditional "tree" structure, each successive screen to the right depicting the data for ancestors of the next older generation. The range of numbers in the leftmost column double from one generation to the next older. Thus individual #30 is the father of individual #15, and #60 and #61 are the father and mother of #30. Gaps in the numeric range within the tree indicate missing ancestors.

The Surname List shows all surnames contained in the tree.

The Name Index links into the Ancestry List by name.

You can download a copy of this database in GEDCOM format and import the data into your own genealogy software. Just right-click on the "download" link and select "Save Link As" to save your own copy. Use the "ged" extension for your filename. In your genealogy program, select the tool to import data and provide the appropriate filename.

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